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Tribe Crocodile Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Grandiorus, Royal Hakraxx, Krank
Appearances 70006 Cragger's Command Ship
70103 Boulder Bowling
Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status King of the Crocodile Tribe

Crominus is the king of the Crocodile Tribe. He appears in 70006 Cragger's Command Ship, the Speedorz set 70103 Boulder Bowling, and The Croc Swamp Hideout.

Crominus has disputed the Lion Tribe's Chi distribution with Lagravis, but limited his criticisms to words alone. In general, however, he honestly respected the lions as fellow warriors and the rightful guardians of the Chi pool. Despite the Crocodile Tribe's reputation as barbarian warmongers, Crominus ruled with integrity and knew the dangers of war well enough to avoid using force against the Lion Tribe.

Unfortunately, Crominus and Crunket vanished after their command ship fell into a cave. This gave Crooler the opportunity she needed to convince Cragger into launching an all-out war on the Lion Tribe in a bid to claim the Chi for the Crocodiles. It is said that he and Lagravis used to be best friends like their sons, however it's unknowen how their friendship ended.


Crominus has scaly, dull green skin, with darker green scales on his head and hands. Like his son, Cragger, he wears a tattered red cape to symbolize his rank among the Crocodile Tribe. Unlike Cragger, Crominus also wears a golden crown, though Cragger ends up wearing it when he becomes king.


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Crominus is the Crocodile King and Cragger's father. His wife is Queen Crunket. A tough and fiercely-protective leader, Crominus could not stand the Lions but he always respected them. Unlike his son, Crominus ruled with logic and common sense, instead of emotion. He realized that fighting always hurts BOTH sides. He was by no means a pacifist, but he was definitely more pragmatic than his hot-headed son.

The Legend of ChimaEdit

Crominus is first seen at the Lion Chi Temple, talking to Lagravis about Cragger's Chi theft. Later, Cragger sends a Croc Flare in panic to the rest of his tribe, causing Crominus and his wife Crunket to arrive in a tank. While in the middle of battle with the Lion Tribe, their tank almost falls in a canyon. As their son desperately tries to save his father and mother, Crominus and Crunket tell Cragger that he is in charge now, and to make them proud. Those are their parting words. The tank falls into the canyon, never to be seen again.

Crominus and Crunket have a stumble, but oddly, do not die (in real life, falling from such a height would get someone killed immediately). They exit the tank, looking to see if anyone is down there. Crominus says that Cragger would be alright. He was trying to tell him not to listen to his sister.


Crominus' silhouette is seen after he recieves the paper with the Wolf Tribe's Pledge of the Pack written on it that Crooler and Worriz dropped. He then walks away back into the shadows.


  • His Speedor never appeared in the TV series.
  • Crominus is said to be an enemy of Lavertus.
  • He used to be good friends with Lagravis.
  • Interestingly, Crominus is voiced by Bill Courage, who also voices Lagravis, Lavertus, and Longtooth.



TV SeriesEdit

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