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The Crocodile Tribe are one of the thirteen animal tribes in Chima. They are the ones who started the war over Chi and were joined by the Wolf Tribe, the Raven Tribe, the Rhinoceros Tribe, and the Fox Tribe.

The Crocodile Tribe are also run by a king. The crocodiles live the Croc Swamp Hideout.  The Vengdualize is a double-bladed sword passed from the croc king to his heir when he or she comes of age.

The vehicles used by the crocs often use olive green as a base colour with transparent red windshields.

This will be one of the first tribes to explore beyond the Outlands in season 3.

Croc TribeEdit


Croc TankEdit

Tank driven by Crominus and Crunket. Last seen when the two fall into a sink hole.
Croc Tank

Croc Tank

Crawley's Claw RipperEdit

Attack vehicle driven by Crawley.70001

Cragger's Command ShipEdit

War boat manned by Cragger and Crooler.

Command Ship


Claw Gripper


Cragger's Fire striker

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