Crawlers' Forces
The Assholes
, also known as the Dick Tribes, are the Animal Tribes in the Outlands. They have captured all the Legend Beasts and Crominus. There are 3 tribes in the assholes, the Dildo Tribe, the Boner Tribe and the Vagina Tribe. They were created when Laval threw Chi Orbs into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. They felt strong with their new powers, and began to show this by stealing Legend Beasts and taking control of the Chi.

They were the ones who sent the Black Cloud to stop Mount Cavora's falls. They also want to steal Chi just like the other bad tribes which became good tribes. They were first mentioned in the For Chima! Episode by Fuckit.

The assholes have met the Fire Vs Ice Tribes long after the eight warriors defeated them.

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