In the 19th episode "Chima falls", the Lions, Eagles, Gorillas, Rhinoceroses, Crocodiles, Wolves, Ravens and Bears shoot to drive away the "black cloud" and succeed. Only one consequence; Mount Cavora's Chi falls stop shortly after! Cragger scolds Laval for the ceasing of the falls, and orders all the other tribes to destroy the Lion Tribe. Meanwhile, Laval and Eris try to search for the Legend Beasts, but Eris doesn't want to venture into the Outlands. The Lion then tries to gather allies for the war ahead, while the Eagle gets the Beaver Tribe to do some type of repair in the meantime. Laval talks to Gorzan to get him and Gorillas to assist them. At first, Gorzan calls out the fighting as bogus, but Laval manages to convince him and the rest of the Gorilla Tribe by reminding that he was trying to save Mount Cavora. Meanwhile, Cragger is meeting with the Wolf Tribe to convince them to join his side. Worriz is hesitant to join Cragger, asking if the tribes can put their differences aside. Cragger refuses, and shows the Wolf Tribe his secret persuasion weapon: The Pledge of the Pack. Worriz and the other wolves are shocked to see the Pledge, with Worriz exclaiming "Th-the Pledge of the Pack?! But that was thrown into the Gorge, and nothing ever escapes the Gorge!" Cragger then goes on to exclaim "No, nothing escapes my destiny!!" With the Pledge in Cragger's grasp, the Wolf Tribe is obligated to help the Crocodile Tribe. On the other hand, the Beavers try (and fail) to launch themselves onto Mount Cavora, and Eris gets launched herself. Laval and Gorzan see the raining onslaught of rodents, and Gorzan agrees to help the Beavers fix Mount Cavora. Laval gets Eris, and asks her to help him persuade the Rhinoceros Tribe, knowing their strength will come in handy. Unfortunately, Cragger got to the Rhinoceros Quarry first, and persuades them with "free rocks". The Rhinos then agree to assist the Crocodiles. When Laval and Eris arrive, Laval is turned away by the guards on duty. Laval then decides to settle with just persuading Rogon to join, and uses the Rhinoceroses' crush on Eris to convince Rogon. This, however, fails too, and Rogon even proceeds to attack Laval. (Under Cragger's orders.) Eris is appauled by Rogon's behavior, and ends her "relationship" with Rogon. (Hard to understand how a relationship would work; Rhinoceroses are herbivorous mammals, while Eagles are carnivorous birds.) Laval and Eris then leave the Quarry, with Rogon feeling upset over what happened.

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