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Tribe Bear Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Unknown
Appearances Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Member of the Bear Tribe

Oh, it's you, Laval. I'm trying to sleep...
— Bladvic

Bladvic is the leader of the Bear Tribe in Chima. He is known for always sleeping, but he is overall a nice guy.


He and the rest of the bears are always sleeping and when they aren't they are very sleepy and unalert. He can only be woken up by whispering in his ear. He was seen in the speedor tournament jousting against Rogon, loses and falls asleep on the battlefield. He also falls asleep in Episode 5: Markey Day, when he is racing with the other competitors. He is seen slowing down his Speedor, falling off of it, and then falling asleep. It is uncertain whether it was Bladvic who was one of the bears in the online webisode, "Hy-Bear Active", that found a bee-hive dripping with honey merged with Chi, causing the bears to go on a rampage throughout Chima when they eat it.


  • In Season 2, he is pricked by a Scorpion stinger and his mind is controlled. However, he falls asleep almost instantly, and the poison has no effect.
  • Bladvic once saw the bear Legend Beast in his dreams. While talking to it, he starts sleepwalking towards the sleeping Legend Beast.
  • According to Bladvic, all Bears share the same dream, which they use this to communicate with each other.

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