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The Bear Tribe is one of the eight main animal warrior tribes in Chima. They are in league with the Lion Tribe, the Gorilla Tribe, and the Eagle Tribe.

They are all very inactive, spending most of their time sleeping. They are suggested to be very mechanically talented. Their clothes center around gears, metal, and tech. One bear is shown with a metal leg.

This was one of the first tribes to explore beyond the Outlands. However, Bladvic was often falling asleep at inopportune times (and most opportune times as well), and ending up in dangerous situations for him and his friends in the other animal tribes.

According to Bladvic, all Bears share the same dream, which is represented in "The Eagle and the Bear" as a world of floating bee hives, an oddly colored, surreal landscape, and floating fish with big teeth. They can use their communal dream to communicate, although it is limited by the physical, real-world distance between the sleeping parties. The bears' Legend Beast is able to communicate with Bladvic in this dream.

They are shown to have huge hate for the Ice Bear Tribe, as shown in "The Fire Wings" and "The Heart of Cavora."

The bears are probably the strongest tribes in Chima, as the Vultures call them vicious. They also easily defeat the Ice Bears, which has been called the strongest of the Ice Tribes by Sir Fangar.


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