Attack of the ice clan is the 28th episode on "Lego:legends of chima the animated series"


The episode starts with Eris flying Happily (Her wings ablaze) until she notices laval and cragger's vehicles burst into flames. She looks up and sees the top of mount cavora also burst into flames. She then wakes up and looks outside and sees the ice moving across chima. Meanwhile at the crocodile swamp Crug and Crawly try to go for a swim but are frozen by the approaching ice hunters.let inside by one of the collosal mammoth walkers the hunters proceed to the throne room. Cragger and Crooler then escape by sliding on the ice and closing the entrance to the throne Room. They then attempt to ride away in the command ship. Mungus finally manages to lift the entrance to the throne room. Cragger and his sister fly away on the helicrocter (with crug attached) to warn the other animals. Inside the lion temple Eris tries to tell Laval about the ice hunters but laval is convinced it is one of her dreams. The helicrocter then crashes inside the lion throne room. Cragger then peeks out and proceeds to say "Something bad is here!" The tribes of chima then decide to fight the new cold enemy. They are however quickly outmatched. As Fangar runs after the retreating foes Windra trips him causing him to get the first taste of CHI out of all the hunters. However despite Sir Fangars chi up the tribes of chima escape. Long tooth who during the fight finished defrosting crug. Annoyed he announces he would never thaw anyone again. La Gravis then enters the room with all of the animals who were frozen In the fight. Not able too handle more thawing long tooth runs out of the lion temple screaming.

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