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Attack on Eagle Spire
Eagle Spire Title
Airdate July 31, 2013
Episode and Season # Season One, Episode Six
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Market Day
The Hundred Year Moon

Attack on Eagle Spire is the sixth episode in season one of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series. It aired on July 31, 2013.


The episode starts with Eris giving Laval a tour of Eagle Spire. Laval, awed by the beauty, doesn't notice when he has been backing up into Eglor, thus causing Eglor to drop a gear-like item. After Laval realizes that the gear has fallen off the side of the Spire, Eris flies down and retrieves it, but drops two feathers while retrieving it. The feathers happen to land directly where Cragger and Crooler are spying on the Eagles. Cragger panics, thinking the Eagles know they are being spied on, but Crooler assures that they have no idea they will be soon attacked by the croc's "Air force," at the same moment the flying craft in the back of Cragger's Command Ship lands next to them. The scene cuts to Crawley attaching a pair of helium plant balloons to Crug's back. Crawley then explains to the other crocs that that is how they will invade the Eagle Spire. However, the other crocs are frightened when Crug loses control of the balloons and smashes his head into a branch, then promptly falls plummeting into the swamp. Cragger, annoyed that all the crocs are afraid of heights, says that he needed the wolves to attack. He smiles evilly as Ripnik emerges from the shadows... The scene describes nighttime at the wolf camp. Ripnik, carrying Eris' feathers, drops into a building and steals a glowing fang. In its place he left Eris' feathers to frame her. When Worriz and Wilhurt run into the building, they yell that the Eagles would pay and start howling madly at the moon. The next day, the wolves run to the Croc Swamp Hideout and demand that Cragger help them return the Mother Tooth stolen by supposedly Eris. Before Cragger has a chance to explain, the wolves start howling uncontrollably, irritating Cragger and Crooler. Eventually, however, the crocs strap the balloons to the wolves and they attack, along with Windra piloting the detachable helicopter from Worriz's Combat Lair. The eagles are totally unprepared for the attack, with Ewald yelling "We're scholars, not fighters!!!" Nevertheless, the eagles manage to keep the wolves at bay by throwing heavy books at them. Laval, who is still on the Spire, issues his lion cry for help. Lagravis, hearing his call, summons troops and heads for the raven camp to buy transportation. The Ravens, smiling at the bargain, shuttle the lions up to the Spire, albeit very slowly as the Wolves are their allies too.

Meanwhile, Cragger and Crooler order the crocodile troops to fire grapplers into the side of the Spire. The grapplers, hooked up to several Croc Claw Rippers and Croc bikes from the Lion CHI Temple, begin pulling the Spire down, along with the wolves, eagles, and lions. The animals above begin to panick, with Lagravis scolding Worriz for trusting Cragger and Worriz glances at his feet sheepishly. While this is happening, Ripnik steals the Mother Tooth back from Cragger, coming up with a plan to sell it back to them, when Razar and Rawzom approach him, panicking. Ripnik, confused, asks why they are panicking and Razar explains that the crocs are pulling down "some of their most valuable customers." Ripnik, Razar, and Rawzom begin to panic and spin in circles wildly.

Atop the Eagle Spire, the lions and wolves are holding on frantically, with the Eagles frantically flapping around helpless. Lagravis almost abandons all hope until he sees Razar's CHI Raider blast away the chains dragging the Spire down. Lagravis, triumphant, exclaims "For Chima!" Razar, also cheering, yells "For Customers!" The episode ends with Lagravis looking puzzled and bemused at Razar's remark.

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