A Tangled Web is the twenty-second episode of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.

While the tribes of Chima try to fend off the black cloud from taking the rest of the CHI, the eight heroes rescue the Gorrila and Rhino legend beasts. Gorzan, Laval, Cragger and Worriz decide to disguise Rogon's Rock Flinger as a fly and use it to distract the spiders so the Gorilla Legend can escape. Rogon becomes smart because whenever a Rhino is near their Legend beast they become smart and intelligent. While intelligent he makes an abacus out of rocks and makes calculations on how to free the Rhino Legend. After disguising the rock flinger as a fly the guys ask Rogon if it'll pass. He also reveals that his truck doesn't have an auto pilot and that the supposed "pilot" was a rock with a "pretty face" draw on it and it was Rinona driving it. Eris becomes jealous of Rinona for being Rogon's "Special Friend". The Smart Rogon then says that a special friend is special because of attachment or affection to the subject. Not helping to end Eris's jealousy. In Chima the tribes shot down many Wing Strikers and recover the chi in the swamp. Crooler suggests they use the chi to attack the lions. Crunket says no because they need to work with the lions to defeat their new enemy. Crooler says "Sure that's what we tell them(She winks her eye)". Several Spiders trap the Crocs and then ShadoWind appears and defeats the spiders. The Crocs imprison the spiders and use the recovered chi to power their blasters. Spinlyn comes out of the beauty hole and tries to web Rogon and the legend beast but fails. Rogon then fires the rock pilot from his truck at Spinlyn causing her to have a fang chipped. She cries over her "beautiful" face being ruined. After rescuing the Legend Beasts the heroes wonder what Lavertus does while they're away. In the final scene the Raven Legend flies by the Outland Base.

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